PLASSON products are technical and feature some incredible engineering so we have developed a series of installations videos that show how to install PLASSON products.
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Metric Compression Fittings


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 16 - 63mm Metric Fittings                                   
 75 - 125mm Metric Fittings                              
63 - 125mm Metric Mine SAFE Fittings 


Rural Compression Fittings


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 1/2" - 2" Rural Fittings               


Reducing Sets


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  Reducing Sets and Combinations


Slip Repair Fittings


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  Slip Repair Coupler 20 - 63mm                           
  Slip Repair Coupler DN63 (Mine) - 125mm              
  Universal Slip Repair Coupler                              


Poly to Copper Fittings


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  Poly to Copper Fittings & Adaptors  


Other Metric Fittings Assembly Instructions

  Reducing Sets and Combinations                               
 160mm Coupler / Universal Adaptor and 90 Degree Elbow
  Metric Steel / PVC Adaptor / Repair Coupling - Thrusted and Unthrusted
  Modular Adaptor                                                     


  Sensor Adaptor                                          

Tooling Usage Instructions 

  Rotational Peeling Tool                               
  Rotational Pipe End Peeling Tool                   
  SmartFuse App                                          
  Universal Tips                                        


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