Looking for a solution?  Our product information sheets show you want our fittings can do, category by category

Metric Compression Fittings

 Universal Fittings                      
 Poly to Copper                          
 Reducing Sets                          
 Conversion Kits                           
 Universal Slip Repair Coupler
 Warning Note Imitations


BSP Threaded Fittings

  BSP Threaded Fittings                                

Tapping Saddles

 Tapping Saddles                            

Electrofusion Fittings

 Electrofusion Fittings - Benefits
 Large Bore Coupler
 Large Bore Saddle                    
 Branch Saddle Integral Wire Clamp
 Adjustable Elbow                   
 PE to RG Transition                 
 Plasson Sensor Adaptor


 Ball Valve                                  
 Ball Valve with longer handles
 Quick Coupling Valve              
  PRV - Fixed Pressure Reducing Valve

Backing Flanges & other

 Backing Flanges Table E      
 Backing Flanges Table D    
 Backing Flanges PN35         
 Backing Flanges PN16         
Full Face Flanges        


 Battery Powered Chain Peeler
 Rotary Circular Saw
 Plasson XL Welding Wipes     
 MSDS Data Sheet Welding Wipes
SmartFuse 180                  
SmartFuse App
  Drill Powered Pipe End Peeler
  Rotational Peeling Tool
  Large Bore Saddle - Installation Tools


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